Credit data APIs for the 21st century

Tap into the power of a single API, whether you’re launching, scaling, or refining.

How it works

Launch new financial products, access credit reports, and report consumer credit behavior – without the headaches and unknown.

 Bloom Credit is the connective tissue that helps you go to market fast with industry-leading credit products. Onboarding is simple – our robust API ensures that you can launch quickly and without a hitch.


You want to focus on creating innovative credit products – not on cumbersome implementation. We handle credentialing, integration, and implementation via our  API so you can spend time where it matters: on growth.


Partner with our industry veterans to ensure your financial products will meet regulatory compliance mandates. Our solution and expertise ensure you can enjoy continued, sustainable business growth.

Credit API to launch
financial products fast

Credit Data Access

Your time is valuable. Trim the bloat that comes with building systems with the bureaus and easily access credit data with our API instead.

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Simplify your reporting to the bureaus and eliminate the need for credit, Metro 2, and compliance experts with our simple, RESTful Event-Based API.

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Credit Dispute Management

Presenting credit data is a real pain point — especially when you have to rely on manual processes that too often lead to data reporting errors. With Bloom’s credit dispute management integration, furnishing data to the credit bureaus is easy and accurate.

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Fast, seamless integration

Integration with Bloom Credit is easy with our simple-to-use API.
Tap into our quickstart guides to integrate quickly and enjoy unparalleled customer service for any questions that pop up along the way.

Streamlined operations

Simplify operational complexity and avoid the potentially high cost of building around the bureaus. One simple API gives you everything you need.

Built to scale

One API, as many products as you can imagine. Scale seamlessly and connect to multiple bureaus without complicated integrations.

Enhanced developer

Our solutions were built with developers in mind. Enjoy enhanced developer and API docs and next-level customer support.

Flexible, easy pricing

Pay for what you need. Our tiered pricing makes it simple for you to get and pay for what you need. 

Deep technical expertise

With Bloom, you never have to go it alone. We’ll provide guidance and best practices on everything from compliance to deciding whether data is right for you.


We make building financial products fun again with baked-in compliance measures that keep your products secure and in line with regulatory mandates.