A Financial Services API Built for Innovative Credit Integrations

Simplifying the complex for neobanks, lenders, and other financial service providers competing in a crowded market that demands unique solutions.

Streamline operations and
grow your business fast

Compliance simplified

Compliance, simplified

You want to launch competitive credit products in a difficult compliance landscape. We help you navigate credit reporting so you can focus on the big picture.

Ambitious go to market

Ambitious go
to market

Serving today’s customers requires unique solutions and strategies. Our API helps you launch quickly and seamlessly to better serve your end user.

Scale quickly

Scale quickly

Launch more products. Connect to all bureaus, including FICO and Vantage credit scores. Enjoy across-the-board integrations and compliance. All from one credit data API.

Helping you reach
new financial markets


Your industry is crowded and noisy – and technology is evolving at a breakneck pace. Standing apart in a sea of competitors requires innovation and an eye toward the future. Outperforming the competition requires you to solve big problems with next-gen financial technology. But with that mandate comes a slew of challenges:

  • Navigating a complex regulatory compliance landscape
  • Building products with limited tech resources
  • Lengthy time to market gives the competition a leg up


Bloom Credit is your one-stop shop for credit data APIs and credit reporting for the financial services industry. Clients trust us and our API as the single endpoint from which they can access and furnish credit data to and from one or more bureaus. We solve for the complexity inherent in the fintech space by offering:

  • Baked-in compliance so you can focus on creating innovative, new products
  • A single, robust API that evens the playing field for clients of all sizes to compete
  • Easy onboarding and developer-friendly credit data API docs that get you integrated in one week