Do you have any queries?


Here you’ll find answers to some of the most common queries our customers have. If you can’t find the answer you’re looking for, don’t hesitate to contact us directly.


Do you have a dashboard or portal?

Bloom has recently launched a client portal ( to facilitate the onboarding / credentialing process and provide ongoing account support. We are continuing to develop and launch new functionality on this platform. Your customer success team will provision access after contracting.

How does Bloom price its services?

The Bloom platform has a tiered pricing structure based on the number of inquiries (data access) and/or statements processed on a monthly basis. Discounts are available for annual payments, and multi-product commitments.

Do you support businesses located outside the US?

Currently, Bloom only supports businesses operating within the US. Corporate headquarters may be located outside the US.

Do you have consulting services to help me design my lending program?

Bloom can make introductions and referrals to help with these types of engagements. As a CRA and a Data Processor we can provide guidance on how data may be used and what data can be furnished, but we are not a substitute for legal counsel.

Are you available via the AWS Marketplace?

Bloom is offered purely as SaaS, however we anticipate being able to take annual contract payments via Marketplace Private Offers starting in 2024 Q2.

What data can we see based on our current usage?

As we continue to develop our client portal, we anticipate adding standard usage reports.


Is any engineering work required to integrate?

This depends on your use case.

For data access, you will need to integrate your systems with Bloom’s APIs. Bloom can recommend a systems integrator with expertise in our APIs if needed.

For furnishment, whether or not engineering work is required depends on the loan management system / system of record in use at your firm. Bloom has turnkey integrations with multiple LMS providers, which make adoption seamless. Please see our integrations page for information on supported systems of record.

Do you have an SDK for [insert language] development?

Presently Bloom does not maintain any SDKs, and all integration is done directly with the API. If you are interested in creating and open-sourcing an SDK for a specific language, please contact us about collaboration on the effort.

Do you support private network connectivity?

Not currently, but support for AWS PrivateLink connections is on our roadmap (as a paid add-on available to Enterprise tier clients).

What are your SLAs?

We maintain an internal SLO of 99.7% availability and response time of less than 2 seconds.

SLAs are available for an additional fee to clients on Enterprise tier plans. Please contact your sales representative for more information.

What is your RTO and RPO in the event of a disaster?

We have a 24 hour RTO, and an RPO of 10 seconds.

Is there a rate limit to the API calls?

The default limit is 10 rps. Clients on an Enterprise tier plan can request higher limits.


What data security certifications and controls does Bloom Credit maintain?

Bloom maintains SOC 2 Type II, PCI DSS, and CSA STAR Level 1 compliance. We have achieved AWS Partner status and our platform is AWS Qualified Software. Operating controls, compliance reports, and other policy and procedure information can be found at our trust center:

Does Bloom have a bug bounty program?

Bloom is in the process of standing up a vulnerability disclosure program which would give recognition, but not financial compensation, to any researchers who report an unknown vulnerability.

Do you perform regular penetration tests?

We currently perform penetration testing on an annual basis, with a retest for any issues identified once remediated.


Can Bloom provide the raw report?

Bloom provides credit data in a normalized, bureau-agnostic JSON format. The raw report is not available.

Can Bloom store 100% of the data we pull from the credit bureaus?

Bloom stores the entire normalized, bureau-agnostic credit data, per the data-retention schedule. Enterprise plan clients may set a custom data-retention schedule.

Does Bloom support multi-bureau queries?

Not currently, but this is on our roadmap.

Can I use Bloom with my existing bureau contract?

Yes. Professional and Enterprise plans support the “connector” use-case where Bloom facilitates the retrieval, normalization, and storage of bureau data.

What versions of FICO and Vantage do you support?

Bloom Silver and Gold tier reports are available with either FICO 10 or Vantage 4 scores.

Do you handle bureau credentialing for your clients?

When acting as a reseller, clients are credentialed directly with Bloom Credit. When providing connector services, it is typically the client’s responsibility to complete credentialing activities with their chosen bureau.

Do you have future plans to bring in alternative data or additional attributes outside of your Gold SKU?

The data included within Bloom’s Gold SKU reflects the collective experience of the team as well feedback from advisors and clients on the most important and impactful data elements needed to accurately decision and price a credit product. This data set will necessarily evolve over time as new data types gain acceptance and become more widely reported. To that end, Bloom supports the Vantage 4 and FICO 10 scores, both of which include rent payments in their models.If there are specific data elements that you are interested in and do not see listed, please contact our sales team to discuss.


Does Bloom support reporting for secondary users?

Yes, to the extent that each bureau accepts this data.

Does Bloom support reporting business accounts?

Bloom can report business credit cards and loans both with and without personal guarantees to the major credit bureaus. We do not support reporting to Dun & Bradstreet.

How would we get to know about any failures in the report? Would that be synchronous to the API call or asynchronously using a webhook?

Data quality validations are performed at multiple points in the furnishment process. Some reporting errors can be detected at the time of account, statement, or event creation, in which case the endpoint will return an error code.

Other errors are detected at the time that the Metro2 file is created, in which case they will be communicated asynchronously. Currently, a furnishment report is generated that summarizes all issues uncovered during the generation process. This file is shared with clients for remediation. Bloom may explore the use of webhooks in the future.