Bloom’s mission is to expand access to affordable credit

We’ve made financial well-being our business

Our Story

Innovation to level
financial playing fields

Achieving one’s dreams – whether it’s buying a new home or starting a new business – rests on the availability of and access to financial products. Without accessible financial solutions, debt balloons to unsustainable levels. Inequities run rampant and skew the playing field. People lose out.

Credit data — and especially credit data accuracy — is at the heart of serving every financial customer more equitably.

Unfortunately, the business of credit data is complex. Until now, legacy tech has hampered innovation with burdensome requirements that eat up resources. We believe we can and should do better.

Bloom is rewiring how companies access, use, and furnish credit data, all the way back to the coding and first principles level.
– Christian Widhalm, CEO

Our goal is simple: to help everyone from seed-stage startups to large, established banks (and everyone in between) access and furnish accurate credit data easily and without error. We believe this will lead to increased innovation and the creation of accessible, unique financial products for everyone.

Our mission is backed by human-centric thinking paired with a modern approach to credit reporting and furnishment. We’re doing our part to rewrite the script of financial services by offering easy ways for financial services providers to create human-centric products that help people achieve their dreams.

Our Leadership

Christian Widhalm


Christian is the CEO of Bloom Credit and has spent over a decade working within venture-backed fintech providing innovative solutions to consumers and businesses in highly regulated industries. Prior to Bloom Credit, he was most recently at LendKey Technologies, where he served as Chief Revenue Officer and was responsible for the company’s relationships with over 300 banks and credit unions.

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Mike Esler


Mike is Bloom Credit’s CTO. He has over twenty years experience leading software engineering, enterprise architecture, and technology operations functions, primarily in the financial services and fintech industries. Prior to Bloom, Mike served as Amount’s CIO where he was responsible for technology operations and partner engineering.

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Matt Keleshian


Matt is the COO of Bloom Credit and has over 15-years of experience building, scaling and managing global operations teams, primarily in the buy now pay later and private label credit card spaces. Prior to Bloom, Matt served as the Senior Director of Operations Strategy & Enablement at Bread Financial where his role encompassed the contact center technology, workforce management, operational strategy and analytics, and operational readiness for large business transformation initiatives.

Mike Bunkers
Mike Bunkers

Head of Partnerships

Mike leads the partnership and business development functions of Bloom Credit. He has spent over 15 years in the data and identity solutions provider space, working with top fintechs, banks, and international eCommerce companies. Prior to Bloom, Mike served as the Director of Sales and Operations for 41st Parameter, (acquired by Experian), InAuth (acquired by American Express), and CyCognito.

Alex Lugosch

VP, Strategy

The Bloom Team

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Operational Risk Compliance

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