July Product Update: Data Access Connector Mode

This month, we want to highlight the availability of Connector Mode for our Data Access product. This is a relatively new and powerful feature.. With Connector Mode, clients can directly connect with a bureau, using their existing bureau credentials to pull credit data with Bloom Credit’s APIs. 

Prior to the introduction of connector support, Bloom always functioned as a reseller of credit data. Now, with connector mode, clients can take advantage of Bloom’s bureau-agnostic APIs and data normalization, while retaining the pricing that they had directly negotiated with the bureaus. Bloom currently supports connections to Equifax. 

Use Cases

There are several use cases for this feature, including: 

  • The ability to create and maintain a direct relationship with the bureau while using Bloom’s Order/Querying APIs to access credit data. 
  • Clients can retain their pre-existing bureau relationship and pre-negotiated pricing with the bureau while leveraging Connector Mode to take advantage of Bloom’s Order/Querying APIs 

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